Libido is a term which is commonly used to refer to one's sex drive. Moreover, desire for lovemaking is as same as desire for food. Nevertheless, lack of sex drive is far more common than it is realized, and most women suffer from it at least once in her life. Furthermore, it affects women universally, and it is considered as a type of sexual dysfunction. In addition, many extenuating factors can lead a woman to this sexual dysfunction and, the causes could be psychological or physiological. Besides, the symptoms of lack of sex drive include, diminished desire, inability to achieve peak of desire, and difficulty in stimulation. Nonetheless, the effects of lack of sex drive on the relationships are disastrous, and some studies have shown that, this sexual dysfunction is one of the leading causes for breaking love relationships. However, unsatisfactory performance in the bed can lower suffering woman's self-confidence.

However, every woman has to suffer from loss of libido, and it would restore on it own in many cases. But, some women face lack of sex drive on regular basis. And, in such cases when loss of libido is persistent, then suffering woman should seek for an effective female low libido remedy that can resolve frigidity problem. Nevertheless, every woman must know about the factors that are responsible for lack of libido in women. So, some of the leading causes are mentioned below.

1. Hormonal changes are one of the leading causes for female low libido. Moreover, inadequate production of estrogen and testosterone can negatively affect the sexual appetite of females.

2. Some physiological conditions can also affect woman's desire for lovemaking, for example improper functioning of thyroid gland, or diabetes.

3. According to studies, it is found that, some prescription drugs can make a woman to refrain from intimacy, for example anti-depressants, and beta-blockers for blood pressure problems.

4. Deficiency of essential minerals in the body can be the cause for loss of sex drive. In particular, insufficient amount of iron in body is very harmful for sexual appetite in females.

5. Some sexual issues can also make a woman less interested in intimate activities. For instance, dyspareunia is a sexual problem in which suffering female has to suffer from pain while lovemaking. And, due to painful lovemaking activities, suffering females might show less interest in intimacy.

Nevertheless, a large number of women suffer from sexual dysfunctions, such as loss of libido. And, many women have recommended that usage of herbal products is safest female low libido remedy, because they do not induce negative effects on the user. In addition, Kamni capsule is one such herbal product that is designed specifically as a female low libido remedy. Moreover, the herbs used in Kamni capsule are very effective in intensifying female's libido and lovemaking desire naturally. In addition, it improves natural lubrication and sensitivity of female genital to help her enjoy the peak of desire. Also, Kamni capsule corrects hormonal balance, and nourishes body to improve overall feminine health.

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