There are many food items, herbs and spices which work as very effective female libido enhancers. Daily chores and rush of life can reduce drive in females very quietly and in no time, use of birth control pills also reduces drive in females apart from commonly found medical conditions like weak liver, anemia, thyroid problems, high blood sugar etc. Lower libido can be harsh on relationship and it can also make a woman feel as if she has become unattractive and older than her age. If a woman can take care of her diet and include some of the fruits, spices and herbs on regular basis in the diet plan the factors causing low libido can be calmed and suppressed very easily and safely.

Banana is rich source of B vitamins and potassium, these nutrients increase secretion of testosterone hormone. Optimum secretion of this hormone even in females increases desire and sensation. One or two bananas everyday works as very effective female libido enhancer. Avocado is another fruit which has high content of vitamin B6 and potassium and it is also recommended as female libido enhancer. Avocado is very useful for women suffering with low libido due to hormonal fluctuations caused by thyroid problems.

Almonds and soy products are also very effective female libido enhancer. Almonds are nourishing good source of vitamin E whereas soy products bind female hormone estrogen and maintains lubrication in female genital area to provide ecstatic climax during lovemaking. Oysters are also very useful in boosting up testosterone secretion hence their inclusion in the diet is recommended for increasing female desire and drive. Nutmeg, clove and basil are other items which can be used along with diet as well as spices, nutmeg and clove are very effective in improving nervous system and basil has hot potency and its properties increase desire in females for lovemaking.

Ginger and honey are other very effective female libido enhancers. Ginger has wide-ranging health benefits it improves circulation in entire body as well as genital region which increases sensation and desire, whereas honey provides quick burst of energy and nutrients which increase testosterone secretion and better metabolism of estrogen. One teaspoon of flaxseeds everyday is an excellent female libido enhancer these seeds supplement high quantities of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids which are building blocks of all types of hormones. Use of garlic as spice or as salad ingredient is good for overall health and also for increasing libido in females. Garlic is appetizer, digestion improver and enhances blood circulation which keeps female genitalia in upbeat health to maintain higher libido.

Two-three sticks of celery also work as very useful female libido enhancer. This herb work equally well for both men and women hence couples trying to reignite passion and lust in their love life can safely depend on this herb for magical effects. Asparagus is another herb which is potent female libido enhancer and boon for reproductive system of both men and women. This herb has high density of vitamin E and also supplements vitamin A, C and B6 along with potassium, folic acid, thiamine and fiber. Regular dose of asparagus ensures higher sensation and drive for passionate love life. Fantasy and Kamni capsules are uniquely formulated herbal female libido enhancers that help women to restore their desire and stamina to perform better in bed.

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