Diminished or low sex desire and no sensation in girlfriend is a concern of millions of males all round the world, this can occur after a certain age and affect almost every couple to an extent but it can strike a woman at young age too to take away pleasure and fun of love life or relationship. Diminished or low sex drive and no sensation are closely related to each other in fact no sensation is a certain cause of low sex drive and diminished desire. Lesser or no sensation in female's genital region happens due to poor blood flow, medicines, lifestyle and diet. Women approaching menopause generally suffer with lesser blood flow due to hormonal fluctuations however intensity of the problem vary greatly from woman to woman depending on her physical fitness, diet and lifestyle. Apart from hormonal fluctuations, restricted blood vessels, undernourished diet and psychological causes are other causes of diminished or low sex drive and no sensation in women.

Herbs are highly effective and very safe treatments to cure diminished or low sex drive and no sensation in women. Herbs are capable of increasing blood flow to genital region which nourishes organs and nerves of female genitalia and improve their health and functioning by providing optimum nourishment. Energized and active nerves increase sensation in the region to cure the problem of diminished or low sex desire and no sensation within no time and naturally. Women suffering with deficiencies due to undernourished diet, poor digestion or due to higher toxin level in the body also get benefited immensely by the use of herbs.

There are many potent herbs which are boon for improving digestion and excretory system which in turn supplements the organs and nerves with nutrients and cleanse the digestive system and purify blood by flushing toxins out of the body for higher energy, sound emotional health and increased stamina. Emotionally sound, energetic and lively woman does not suffer with diminished or low sex desire and no sensation in genital organs.

It is difficult to find all the potent herbs in their natural and pure form for alleviating diminished or low sex desire and no sensation in women, but there is a very easy solution to it. Kamini and Fantasy capsules are two magical herbal products which have been prepared using all the potent herbs capable of uplifting functioning of reproductive system of a female and also her overall health to cure the problem of diminished or low sex desire and no sensation completely.

Kamini capsules come loaded with natural and very useful herbs like Akarkara, Sonth or dried Ginger, Clove, Pipal, Nutmeg, Javitri, Saffron, Hingul, Sulphur and Opium. Herbs used to prepare Fantasy capsules are Shatavari, Ashwagnadha, Shudh Kuchala, Kavach Beej, Abhrak Bhasma, Safed Musli, Swarna Bhasma, Talmakhana, Semul musli, Shilajit, lauha bhasma etc. All of these herbs wrapped in each capsule very effectively, safely and naturally nourish, resurrect and maintain female reproductive system. These capsules also maintain healthy hormonal balance, improve energy and stamina by improving digestion and excretion, enhance immunity system and promote sound emotional health for countering stress, anxiety and depression to increase women's passion and lust for leading a pleasurable love life.

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