Nowadays, a number of people are suffering from physical and mental fatigue. Additionally, physical fatigue is also known as muscle weakness and, mental fatigue is known as somnolence. Moreover, in this problem, the sufferer experiences tiredness and lack of energy. However, muscle weakness and lack of energy is widespread in everyday life, but it usually becomes noticeable while exercising. Nevertheless, in many cases of muscle weakness, people fail to function at the level of their normal abilities, due to lack of energy. Furthermore, if an individual is suffering from somnolence and tiredness, he might feel sleepy all the time.

Nonetheless, fatigue is not a specific symptom of any physical or psychological problem, which means, it can be caused due to various reasons. Besides, this problem is considered as a non-specific symptom, because it can be reported only by the sufferer and, cannot be observed by others. In addition, fatigue is often confused with feeling of fatigue, which are two different problems.

Moreover, in cases of muscle weakness and lack of energy, the individual is unable to exert enough force with his muscles to the degree which is expected according to his physical fitness. On the other hand, in cases of somnolence and tiredness, the sufferer might experience sleepiness, or general decrease of attention. Furthermore, it is considered that an individual suffers from impaired alertness or decrease of attention due to decreased level of consciousness. However, this problem might occur due to a number of reasons, for example diabetes, thyroid disease, sleep disorders, and cardiovascular complications. Nevertheless, fatigue is one of the most common complaints, and it should be remembered that it is not disease but only a symptom, because many illnesses causes fatigue which can be physical, psychological, or a combination of both.

Nonetheless, any individual who is suffering from this problem might experience lack of motivation or, ability to begin a new activity. Also, the sufferer might tire easily while participating in the physical activity. And, he may suffer from some difficulties with concentration and memory.

Nevertheless, many herbal products are available in the market that can be used as an herbal remedy for physical and mental fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy. Moreover, herbs used for making an herbal product acts as a nutritive tonic which helps to boost the energy level and, stimulate memory recall by relaxing both body and mind. In addition, an effective herbal remedy for physical and mental fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy improves blood circulation to increase oxygen supply to each and every cell of the body. Also, herbal products such as Vital M-40, Sfoorti, Revival and Vital G-30 capsules are made with a combination of potent herbs that are chosen by the experts.

Furthermore, these supplements contain powerful antioxidants and nutrients to reduce cell degradation, and boost the energy production in cells. And, highlighting benefits of an effective herbal remedy for physical and mental fatigues, tiredness, lack of energy is that, it enhances immunity to activate energy production and, increases memory focus. Besides, it reduces the chances of infections and, decreases depression and stress levels by strengthening the functions of the body organs.

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