Lack of sex drive or lack of libido is a common sexual dysfunction amongst females. Moreover, there is wide variety of causes for lack of libido in females. Furthermore, the causes for this sexual dysfunction could be either physiological or psychological, or both. In addition, most of the women lose their appetite for lovemaking during post menopause or right after childbirth. Although, childbirth cannot make a woman to lose her libido but, fatigue and stress caused afterwards can affect female's appetite for intimacy. Nevertheless, there are certain other factors that can affect female libido, for example increased mental stress, anxiety, and usage of certain medications.

In addition, there are a number of factors that can affect female's libido, which are mentioned below.

1. Iron deficiency can cause anemia which can lower sex drive. Moreover, iron is eliminated from the female body during menstruation. And, excessive loss of iron can make a female anemic, which can cause lack of libido.

2. Dyspareunia is a condition in which a woman has to suffer from pain during intimate activities. Moreover, due to this condition, a woman might lose sexual desire and, refrain from intimacy.

3. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also considered as an effective libido killer.

4. Usage of recreational drugs and, habit of smoking cigarettes is also responsible for loss of libido.

5. Certain underlying diseases can also make a woman to suffer from sexual dysfunctions, for example diabetes.

6. Many women experiences lack of sexual desire after giving birth to a child. Moreover, it happens due to hormonal changes, trauma of childbirth, and general exhaustion.

7. Disturbance in circulation of blood towards reproductive system can reduce the efficiency of reproductive organs, due to which a woman may become less interested in intimate activities.

8. Some psychological problems can cause lack of libido, for example emotional stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, any woman can increase sex drive by using tips mentioned below.

1. It is very important for every woman to reduce stress level. Moreover, in most cases of low libido, stress is found to be causing the problem. And, any woman can increase sex drive by reducing stress.

2. It is essential to eat well balanced diet that provides all the vital nutrients. Moreover, malnutrition can reduce the efficiency of entire body, including reproductive organs.

3. Exercising can be helpful in the treatment for low libido in women. Moreover, exercising improve blood flow in the body and, increases efficiency of reproductive organs.

Nevertheless, one of the most effective ways to increase sex drive in women is usage of herbal products. Moreover, every woman can boost her libido by pairing above mentioned tips with an effective herbal product such as Fantasy capsule or Kamni capsule. Furthermore, herbal products such as Kamni capsule and Fantasy capsule increases blood flow towards reproductive system to enhance its capability. In addition, they lubricate vagina and, increases sensitivity of clitoris to enhance pleasures of intimacy. Also, they balance hormone levels in the body to increase female's desire for lovemaking. Besides, herbal products nourish body to overcome iron deficiency induced anemia. Also, they calm nerves cells to reduce stress and anxiety.

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