Low libido or lack of sex drive in women is a silent epidemic that affects nearly 40 percent of women population around the world. Moreover, in past times it is considered that, this sexual dysfunction affects only post menopausal women. But, recent studies showed that, lack of sex drive affects women in their twenties to fifties. And, nearly 80 percent of women have to suffer from this sexual dysfunction at some point in their life. Besides, symptoms of low libido in females include diminished desire for intimacy, difficulty in reaching peak of desire, and inability to enjoy sexual pleasure in a satisfactory way. Nevertheless, the mentioned symptoms can lower suffering female's self-esteem.

In addition, persistent lack of libido has devastating consequences on relationships, which is why it is important for suffering women to seek for an effective treatment method that can restore their sex drive. Nonetheless, herbal supplements are fount to be very effective in curing sexual dysfunction in females, particularly lack of sex drive.

Nevertheless, the causes for low libido in women are not exact but, some experts consider that, this sexual dysfunction may occur due to a combination of physical and psychological issues. However, number of women lives a busy lifestyle which increases the level of stress in their life. And, stress in considered as one of the prime causes for lack of sex drive in women. Nonetheless, some of the prime causes of low female libido are mentioned below.

1. Decrease in production of hormones, or hormonal abnormalities can affect female's desire for intimacy. In particular, lack of testosterone and estrogen hormones can cause low sex drive.

2. Iron deficiency can make anyone anemic. And, anemia is one of the leading causes for loss of libido in both, men and women. However, during menstruation, iron is eliminated from female body, and lack of iron in diet can make them anemic.

3. Socio-cultural influences can negatively affect female's appetite for lovemaking, for example job stress.

4. Relationship issues are also infamous for lowering sex drive in women, for example emotional dissatisfaction with the relationship can induce negative effects of female libido.

5. Dyspareunia can hamper any suffering female's desire for intimacy. Moreover, it is a sexual problem in which suffering woman experiences pain at the time of lovemaking.

6. Numerous medical issues can cause sexual dysfunctions, for example diabetes.

7. Some psychological problems can hinder female's desire for lovemaking, for example depression, anxiety, and stress.

However, any women can suffer from sexual dysfunction, such as loss of libido. But, it is important to seek for right treatment method at the right time. Moreover, herbal supplements are considered as one of the most effective ways to resolve libido problems in females. Furthermore, apart from increasing sex drive, herbal supplements such as Kamni capsules or Fantasy capsules enhance sexual sensitivity for more pleasurable intimate tasks. In addition, they improve female's performance in bed, and cures fertility problems. Nevertheless, herbal supplements rejuvenate reproductive system by nourishing it. Besides, they normalize hormonal imbalance and, helps female reach at the peak of desire.

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