Emission of semen during sleep which is also known a night emission or nightfall is a common condition amongst males. Moreover, it is a condition in which a male ejaculates seminal fluid while he is asleep, that means, seminal fluid just leaks out while sleeping. However, some males wake up after nocturnal emission, but some may sleep through it. Nevertheless, occurrence of nocturnal emission is normal but, excessive emission of semen during sleep could be a debilitating and hazardous condition for physiological and psychological health of any person. Besides, most male experience night emissions when they are young, because at that age, the body is going through a lot of hormonal changes. Nonetheless, many adult males also experience nocturnal emission which is quite normal. But, it is considered that, night emissions are not a threat for one's health, if it occurs no more than 2 times in a period of 7 days.

However, there are many causes of nightfall which are mentioned below.

1. Hormonal imbalance can cause nigh emission. Moreover, low testosterone, or androgen level can make a person to emit seminal fluid while sleeping.

2. Abnormal functioning of sperm or, abnormal production of sperm in seminal fluid can cause night emission.

3. Abnormal morphology or motility of sperm can cause emission of semen during sleep.

4. Erectile dysfunction or, premature ejaculation might be the cause for occurrence of nightfall.

5. Low sperm count is considered as one of the leading causes for night emissions.

6. People suffering from weight issues may experience emission of semen during sleep.

7. Certain physiological and psychological problems can cause nocturnal emissions, for example constipation, guilt, and emotional stress.

Nevertheless, night emission is one of the most appropriate ways of body to release sexual tension. However, it is considered that excessive occurrence of night emission can cause many physical and psychological problems. Moreover, excessive loss of seminal fluid can cause knee pain, dizziness, and insomnia. Furthermore, experts believe that any individual who is suffering from excessive night emissions are likely to suffer from physical and mental disorders. Also, the academic performance of the suffering individual might decline. And, excessive night emission can cause impotence by decreasing sperm count in the seminal fluid of the suffering individual. In addition, an individual might not be able to perform well in the bed, due to excessive loss of seminal fluid. Besides, excessive emission of semen during sleep might give rise to memory problems.

Nonetheless, there are many herbal supplements in the market that are claiming to treat excessive nightfall. But, one must be careful while choosing a product, because some of the products might be inferior in quality. Nevertheless, many trusted herbal supplements such as NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules are also advertised in the market, which are made with natural herbs and nutrients. And, ingredients of such herbal supplements are chosen carefully by the experts, due to which such products are very good in quality. Also, good herbal supplements to treat emission of semen during sleep are also helpful to overcome adverse effects of excessive loss of semen.

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