Release of semen during sleep is medically termed as night discharge, or nocturnal emission. Moreover, in adolescence years, it is normal to ejaculate semen during sleep, because body goes through a lot of hormonal changes during those years. Nevertheless, night discharge can occur in adulthood also, which is also considered as a normal functioning of the reproductive system. And, night discharge is a healthy way for body to release sexual tension. But, excessive occurrence of night discharge may prove to be harmful for the body. In addition, it may weaken the reproductive system of the suffering person, due to which various sexual dysfunctions might be caused, for example loss of libido. Furthermore, any person must seek for a treatment, if the frequency of release of semen during sleep is more than 2 times in a week.

Nonetheless, any individual may suffer from excessive night discharge which is a disorder of reproductive system. However, there are several causes for occurrence of this disorder which are mentioned below.

1. Imagining about intimacy can disturb hormone levels in the body, due to which night discharge happens.

2. Male infertility is caused by abnormal sperm function or production, which is also responsible for causing excessive night discharges.

3. Inappropriate structure and movement of sperm in the seminal fluid can cause this disorder.

4. This disorder may arise, if the concentration of sperm in the seminal fluid is abnormal.

5. Erection problems and premature ejaculation indicates the unhealthy state of reproductive system, which can cause excessive night discharges.

6. Anyone suffering from constipation might experience release of semen during sleep.

7. People suffering from weight issues are more prone to develop this disorder.

8. Psychological problems might also affect the functioning of reproductive system, due to which this disorder may occur.

Moreover, there are many ill-effects of this disorder, which are mentioned ahead. Firstly, excessive loss of seminal fluid can make a male impotent. Secondly, this disorder might induce negative effects on the vision and memory of the suffering individual. Thirdly, it may cause pain in the knees, dizziness, and insomnia, due to which routine life of the suffering individual might get disturbed. Fourthly, this disorder may prevent a male from fathering a child by decreasing sperm count in his seminal fluid. Fifthly, frequent release of semen during sleep might negatively affect a male's ability to satisfy his partner in the bed.

However, market is full of products to treat excessive discharge of semen during sleep. But, one must choose product cautiously, because some products might be of inferior quality. Nevertheless, herbal products are always considered as safest and most effective way to treat release of semen during sleep. In addition, herbal products such as NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules are also beneficial in the treatment for adverse effects of excessive night discharge. Moreover, these effective herbal products are chemical-free. NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules are made of natural herbs and nutrients which are used since ancient times to correct the functioning of reproductive system. Also, these supplements improve overall health and well-being of the user.

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