Spermatorrhea is not a disease, but only a disorder which implies excessive ejaculation. Moreover, an individual suffering from this disorder experiences uncontrollable and involuntary seminal emission. Furthermore, many experts believe that, this disorder is different from wet dreams, because it does not occur while sleeping. In addition, the prime cause for this disorder is excessive buildup of sperm in the body. And, this disorder can be explained as shedding of sperms during sleep, which is why it is also known as involuntary seminal emission. Nevertheless, discharge of seminal fluid during sleep is a normal process for the body of a young male. But, many teenagers fear this natural process of the body, and start believing that they are suffering from some disease. However, the fact is that, involuntary seminal emission does not indicate any medical complication.

Moreover, ejaculation can be described as emission of seminal fluid from male reproductive system. But, in normal condition, ejaculation is accompanied with sexual stimulation. And, in the cases of spermatorrhea, seminal fluid is ejaculated in an uncontrollable manner, that too without sexual stimulation. Furthermore, teenagers are more prone to develop this disorder, because hormone levels are high in adolescence years, due to which production of seminal fluid also increases. And, body eliminates excessive amount of seminal fluid to keep reproductive system healthy. Besides, habit of masturbation is considered as a reason for causing this disorder.

However, this disorder is very similar to wet dreams. Moreover, the difference between a wet dream and spermatorrhea is that, wet dreams occur only at night and, this disorder is not limited to night. In addition, stimulation of male organ is necessary to cause a wet dream, but spermatorrhea can occur without any stimulation. Nevertheless, it is believes that, this disorder is associated with disorders of nervous system. Besides, many experts say that, this disorder is due to prolonged abstinence or with constant excitation without any finality. On the other hand, some experts believe that, abstinence is necessary to treat involuntary seminal emission.

Nonetheless, an individual who is suffering from this disorder might suffer from some complications, for example tiredness, loss of concentration, depression. And, in sever cases of this disorder an individual might have to suffer from memory loss. However, some of the suffering people might experience blurred vision. And, some might feel themselves incapable of making the same mental effort as before. Nevertheless, the prime cause for this disorder is psychological only.

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