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Natural Treatment For Oligospermia Or Low Sperm Count, Improve Fertility

Posted by Jhon Napier on Thursday, June 21, 2012, In : Men Health 
Oligospermia or low sperm count is a condition in which affected males are unable to father a child because of inadequate amount of spermatozoa in their seminal fluid. Moreover, in the semen of a healthy male, the sperm count ought to be at least forty million out of which 75 percent of spermatozoa should be alive. And, 30 percent of spermatozoa ought to be of normal shape and size. In addition, 25 percent of spermatozoa out of 40 million ought to be swimming speedily in forward direction. Ne...
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Herbal Treatment For Low Sperm Count Natural Cure

Posted by Jhon Napier on Thursday, May 31, 2012, In : Men Health 
The problem of lesser number of sperms in semen is one of the major causes of male infertility, herbal treatment for low sperm count is recommended as natural cure to the problem as this has been found effective and safe. Lesser number of sperms in semen accounts to nearly 50% of cases of male infertility and in 30% of total cases of low sperm count actual cause of the problem remains undiagnosed by common clinical, instrumental or laboratory means. Hence it makes the problem very difficult t...
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